Studio Policies


Weekly lessons are strongly recommended if you expect to make forward progress. If that is absolutely impossible, please speak with me to see if special arrangements can be made.

Cancellation Policy

There are two reasons for cancelling a lesson:

1) Illness – I know misery loves company, but I don’t want whatever you’ve got. Besides which, you really can’t sing when you are sick.
If you are ill, please let me know 24 hours in advance if possible.

2) Scheduling conflicts¬†such as family vacation, doctor’s appointments, school or work related functions.
Inform me of these conflicts as soon as possible in order to reschedule the lesson for another time during the week.

Fees shall not be charged for a lesson missed due to illness or unavoidable conflict.
Fees shall be charged if you simply forget your lesson.

Parents Sitting In

It is wonderful for a child to feel that their parents are involved in their music making, so I am happy to have parents sit in on lessons if they wish. I also encourage parents to contact me at any time if they have any questions.