Singer’s Masks

Singer’s Masks for Sale

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$25 Each, Shipping Extra

Each Singer’s Mask includes:

  • two layers of high-density cotton
  • one layer of interfacing or polypropylene
  • two zip ties to create the shape
  • adjustable ear loops for a better fit
  • flannel pocket to hold removable aluminum nose piece and prevent glasses from fogging
  • no exposed interior seams for added comfort

What are the benefits of a Singer’s Mask?

  • the zip ties hold the mask away from your face, giving you more room to breathe and phonate
  • the construction holds the mask tight to your face to prevent the release of droplets and aerosols
  • the chin portion allows you to drop your jaw for open vowels or high notes without pulling the mask off your face

Let’s Get Started!

Click here to see the Sizing Chart and select your size.

(If you don’t have a cloth tailor’s tape, just use a piece of string and transfer that to a ruler to obtain your measurements.)

Singer’s Mask Sizing Guidelines

Now for the fun part – fabric selection!

Musical Fabrics

Black with White Notes

White with Black Notes

Composers – Copper

Composers – White

Colourful Fabrics




Dark Blue

Light Blue

Fabrics For the Colour-Phobic!

Solid Black

Solid White also offered – not pictured, looks a lot like black, only white!

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Happy Singing!