My Philosophy

I don’t believe there is anyone out there who does not harbour a secret desire to sing.

The human voice is the ultimate expression of emotion for which music was created. That first time you dare to drop your inhibitions, literally living the song while you sing it, and feel your whole body resonating and vibrantly alive with joy, or sorrow, or fervour, it’s wondrous. We all crave it, to be the instrument of that passion.

I believe we all deserve the chance to be that conduit. It’s a beautiful dream.

And then there’s reality, which is where I come in. Some of us are born with more innate musical talent than others, but no one is born knowing how to sing with perfection. Technical problems and bad habits can disrupt that dream.

There is a beautiful, free and easy tone buried in each one of us, and it is my job to push and pull and tweak and suggest, until together we find it. It’s incredibly rewarding work, for both of us.

Don’t be afraid to dream. Just remember to pack your sense of adventure, and humour, for the journey.