Wanting singing lessons and looking for an experienced singing teacher in Guelph? Let me help you.

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Studio Closed – No longer accepting new students.

The human voice is the ultimate expression of emotion for which music was created. That first time you dare to drop your inhibitions, literally living the song while you sing it, and feel your whole body resonating and vibrantly alive with joy, or sorrow, or fervour, it’s wondrous. We all crave it, to be the instrument of that passion. I can help you achieve that goal.

Whether you have career aspirations, or just want to sing for fun, I can help you find your true voice. Just come with a sense of adventure and a good dollop of humour.

What I Offer

Singing lessons age 13 to adult, beginner to advanced

Music Theory/Rudiments

Techniques in breathing, resonance and support to free the voice, appropriate to the Classical and Musical Theatre genres

Preparation for:

Royal Conservatory of Music Exams
Kiwanis Music Festival
Regional NATS competitions
Studio Recitals

Private studio located near the Hanlon Expressway and Stone Road

Interested in an introductory lesson? Click here.

Or for more information, contact tannis.sprott@gmail.com.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. mikezf

    When I came to Tannis, I was a stressed-out premed student. I wanted to take singing lessons as relief although I had no previous training as a singer. Fast forward to the present – after only two years of voice lessons with Tannis, I have won first prizes at Kiwanis and the NATS Competition. I have graduated with my second ARCT diploma in Voice Performance from the RCM and I now study voice at the university level. None of my accomplishments as a singer would have been possible without the encouragement, support, and guidance of Tannis. Tannis’ compassion, knowledge, and sense of exploration and adventure as a musician and teacher continue to inspire me in my journey as a singer today. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Annie Devitt

    Tannis, you are a remarkable human being, and I am so excited to see this website. Best of luck to you as your business grows!

  3. Meg Cormack

    In the years I studied voice under Tannis’ coaching, I grew incredibly as a singer not only in terms of technique, but also in terms of just general musicianship. I thank Tannis for all of the opportunities that she provided for me to preform and to compete and for all of her support through such endeavors. I appreciate her teaching so much and would recommend her to any singer looking to improve or polish their craft.

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Tannis – You have been a great musical force in my life and I hope to continue to “grow” my voice with your support !

  5. Audrey Lounder

    Tannis… Glad to see you are getting your name out! You worked wonders with my voice and gave me the confidence to get out there and sing!

  6. cvandonkelaar

    Wow! I’m so glad other aspiring singers will be able to find such a quality teacher when they go searching for one. Well done, Tannis!

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